Tuesday, 2 February 2021

The children made up their own story today, it was completely their ideas I was simply the scribe. When they had finished they drew a character from the story: 

Once upon a time there was a fish called Percy who was 6. He lived in the sea near the seaside. Percy liked to do tricks like jumping out of the water.
One day Percy decided to go on a fishing holiday to Toredicide. On the way Percy got eaten by a shark! Just then Percy's best friend Thomas the dinosaur came and helped Percy escape. Thomas was so fast that the shark couldn't catch him, and because he didn't have any legs he got stuck on the sand, but he did manage to bite Thomas' tail before they got away.
The 2 friends carried on to their holiday, when they got there they played, built sandcastles and ate Sausages, Fish & Chips, Ice-cream and Percy's favourite - fish food.
When it started raining they decided it was time to go home but this time to avoid the shark they drove a car onto an aeroplane and flew home.
When they got home they cleaned up and went to bed.
The End.